@videodrew did an episode of Schlock Treatment with me and we talked about The Craft and everything else.
  1. "I feel like this was written by me in high school."
  2. "I was on Law & Order with Marcia Cross and Susie Essman and we talked about pegging."
  3. "I definitely was like witchcraft--the best."
  4. "It's like basically like Girls, but like with magic."
  5. "You should teach like your kid that this is like the religion."
  6. "I don't trust guys I've had on my Netflix queue for like seven years."
  7. "Ladies, don't do any spells...or wear short skirts."
    *said sarcastically
  8. "If you're a white witch that shit doesn't come back like in a Monkey's Paw scenario."
  9. "It's because of The Craft that we got two pythons and a corn snake growing up."
  10. "It turns out there is like a certain type of guy that doesn't need a love spell to be attracted to crazy bitches, which is really lucky for me."
  11. "This is like getting really deep into my personal history."
  12. "I also have like an ongoing fantasy where I run my own cult."
  13. "If there was a version of this spell that just like makes dudes like you forever, I definitely like, I mastered that."
  14. "I think that crazy bitch just managed to become an actress."
  15. "There are movies like Carrie I just watch and I'm like yes, yes you fucking got them, you got them back."