Drake went to a trip to the strip club
  1. The only amusing thing about this Drake photo set of him tossing 50K at a strip club is the average cardboard box all the money's stored in.
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  4. Yes, let's go to the club tonight but first I'll stop at this liquor store to see if they have any extra cardboard boxes to put my 50K in.
    You know what would really be ballin', Drake? Buy 50,000 boxes and put one dollar in each box and bring that to the club. Then every time you tried to go to the club and had to bring your 50,000 $1 dollar boxes, all your neighbors would think you're moving out.
  5. Also, tell Weezy you want to change the name from Young Money to Cardboard Box Money. It might sound cheap but we know it's not. 50K kid.
    Then at the end of the night at the club, after the 50K is gone you can tell one lucky dancer that she gets to keep the cardboard box. And you can explain to her a cardboard box that once held 50K is worth more than all of the singles on the floor of the whole world. Cash Money / Cardboard Box Money Entertainment. Racks on racks on racks in cardboard boxes. Biodegradable hustle. Rap game Ralph Nader. Rap game Al Gore.
  6. Drake probably had a stack of gold bars melted down into liquid AU and then formed into the shape of a cardboard box to put 50K into.
    He has a cardboard box guy. Drake goes in to pick it up they have a big laugh bc Drake says, "You can't spell Aubrey without AU" and that is the best gold joke you could ever make forever.
  7. Drake's cardboard box guy really likes Drake but he doesn't really get the tiny leather pants thing. They're too short on both ends.
    If you pull the leather pants up to Drake's waist, then his ankles show. If the bottoms reach Drake's shoes, his underpants show. Lose-lose. Drake's cardboard box guy suggest Drake leave stripping to the professionals and buy pants that fit. Use some of the 50K, maybe? "No doubt. I feel you. But I'm saying no." Drake says. "That 50K is only for my cardboard box or the floor. Not goods and services."
  8. Drake doesn't even hand any of his 50K money to the women at the club. If they want it, the girls have to pick it up from the ground.
  9. When the girls pick up the 50,000 dollar bills, Drake laughs at them cuz he knows dollar bills are only for cardboard boxes or floors. Not ladies!