There's an awesome exhibit at the Discovery Zone in Times Square on the costumes and props used in The Hunger Games movies. Here are some faves.
  1. Katniss & Gale The Seam
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  2. Mrs. Everdeen & Prim
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  3. Effie picking tributes
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  4. Haymitch & Peeta on train to Capital
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  5. Capital Effie
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  6. Cinna
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  7. Peacekeeper
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  8. President Snow
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  9. Katniss & Peeta chariot
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  10. Caeser Flickerman
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  11. Katniss & Peeta tv special
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  12. Peeta & Caesar Flickerman on Capital TV
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  13. Rue
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  14. Johanna Mason
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  15. Finnick Odair
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  16. Effie Trinket
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  17. Katniss District 12
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  18. Katniss Capital TV
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  19. Katniss Mockingjay
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  20. Katniss Rebel
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  21. Mockingjay
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