One time I was so into List App I did more lists than anyone in a month. I met @angusisley on a bench in New York City bc he was one of my fave people on here. He said he missed me so I came back just now for old times sake. This is a good one.
  1. Out the gate Growing Pains & Shalom Sesame star Jeremy Miller tryin to play basketball in khakis.
  2. Willie from ALF is running a video store where he is bootlegging VHS tapes. Also it's an arcade.
  3. I found the coolest computer.
  4. Why would you have a sign that says "not hiring"? Isn't that the same as just not having a sign at all?
  5. Rally M
    In Ghostwriter terms that means meet up at my house bc I am Matt. But don't really come to my house. That would be weird like Robert Mitchum doing a Calypso album.