First one at the bar (aside from @videodrew), last one out the door.
  1. The cardigan over a basketball jersey
    I went with Charles Oakley. This look was inspired by @samantharonson's disapproval of grown men wearing Bball jerseys in public. The cardigan really classed it up and I think we all agreed it is a solid look and should become a thing.
  2. We were all at the bar and sitting five feet away from the rest of the ListApp group but nobody realized we were all there for the same party until Drew forced a merger.
  3. @nnewlin seriously might be the most interesting man in the world
    He's 6'8", has a tailor and a landscaper, and knows every obscure museum in all of NYC. He needs to be making more lists.
  4. Drinking very stupidly
    Here is the order of drinks I had: jack & ginger, dirty martini, jack & ginger, dry martini, hot toddy
  5. I drank a hot toddy with @Rachsyme
    It was my first hot toddy. I liked it but I squeezed too much lemon in bc I'm a n00b.
  6. @erikhinton and I fell in love
    How many people can you talk about Family Ties, off-brand masculinity, and manicures fearing members of Wu-Tang clan with? Plus, we're like the same height and build and could prob def borrow clothes from each other, just saying.
  7. @shantaroo is a publicity genius and we know all the same work people and are going to be best friends in real life.
    The Newlin family couch is def a major target I have my eye on next time I stuck in Brooklyn. 😄
  8. Realizing I might be the only person who has never met @bjnovak
    This can't be true, right? There have to be others.
  9. Seeing @yrfriendrachel and being like, "youre @tothemaxxx's best friend, right?! I'm obsessed with him." And learning that everyone is in fact obsessed with him.
  10. Talking to @kbsmoke and getting the inside scoop about the Joshua Tree trip she took with @liana and Drew.
  11. Meeting @carlyewisel right as she's running out the door to a car and distracting her for so long that she was like "my Uber rating is so going to drop from this."
  12. Talking Hilary and GOP strategy with @arimelber
  13. Me and @videodrew trying to convince the other person to be the one who takes pics of everyone there to spark an east coast vs west coast listapp meet up rivalry.
    It's all love obviously.
  14. Talking to @AshleyCFord about Bad Feminist and Roxane Gay and all the people we know in common
    I could have spent the entire night in this one conversation.
  15. Making @zoe my new official basketball conversation partner.
    We're both terrified of the Spurs this season and every season. I've got my eyes peeled for some Bird & Magic stuff for her.
  16. Ordering one last drink and turning around and realizing everybody had left.
    The bartender was like "were you all some kind of group doing an outing?" I was like, " nah we're just all really good friends." Because we are now, right? PS the bartender bought me a shot and I thought I was going to die but can't turn down a buyback shot.
  17. I didn't sleep on anyone's couch 😔
    But I somehow made it home to Queens to all sorts of awesome new listapp and Twitter followers.
  18. I took the day off from work today.
  19. PS we def need to wear the name tags next time bc I met way more people than just mentioned above but either didn't get or can't remember their names. But I love you all.