Inspired by a @LizWatson list.
  1. Charlie Chaplin Tramp & Dog
    This is a print of a drawing of Charlie Chaplin and his dog on top of news clippings about Charlie Chaplin. My grandma gave it to me because I am obsessed with him.
  2. Statue of Liberty In France
    My step- mom gave me this is a gift when I moved into my first apartment in 2006. I am lifelong New Yorker, what can I say?
  3. Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt 10th Anniversary Concert
    See my t-shirt list for the full story about this. Great concert.
  4. Clark Gable Mirror
    Me with a beard looking in the Clark Gable mirror. It's good to be able to see yourself in Clark Gable sometimes. My uncle gave me this, if was from his "bachelor pad" in the '70s.
  5. Space Jam Blanket
    I'm going to do another list of all the Space Jam stuff I own. This is prob def the best thing though. I've nerve seen another one of these anywhere ever.
  6. Perfect Strangers Balki & Larry
    My brother made me this bc I obsessed with Perfect Strangers. To the point of writing Perfect Strangers / The Purge fan fiction. The best show.
  7. Bulls '95-'96 Plaque
    Had this as a kid. Hung it up after my breakup bc it was the exact kind of thing I wasn't allowed to hang up in the apartment I shared with ex. Makes me happy.
  8. Our Gang: The Kid From Borneo
    Pretty racist print of this Our Gang short but it's prob def my second fave one after Mush & Milk. Most people only remember Spanky as a chubby older kid but when he was a baby, he was the funniest thing ever.
  9. Pictures
    Old pics of me from Little League, being a ring bearer at my aunt's wedding, my grandma when she was young and smoking hot, etc.
  10. ALF
    Greatest pic ever. Got this as a kid. Amazing investment. Says Muzeem de Modern Art- Melmac, the planet ALF is from.
  11. Michael Jordan Cards
    These were special cards you had to send away for. I got them framed. Vintage MJ just still makes me happy.
  12. Reggie Jackson Baseball HOF Induction Day
    Not a huge fan of his but thought this was pretty cool. He's excellent in Naked Gun.
  13. My Brother's Fathead
    My brother made a decal of his huge head and stuck it on my fridge during the Super Bowl. He used to have one of me hanging in his living room before he moved in with his girlfriend.
  14. Bonus To Be Hung: Cool Japan Guide
    My friend Abby Denson did a dope illustrated guide to Japan. She did these prints to give away with the book. Super cool.