My ENG 301 professor gave us an assignment to inventory something in Oct 2003. He was a strange guy but the first person I knew with Netflix. This is what I handed in, verbatim.
  1. 1 Grey Magnetic Box- designed to hold condoms...
    Is it empty or was it never filled?
  2. 2 Disposable Cameras
    1 Kodak Brand w/ Power Flash 25 Pictures Remaining, 1 Turner Construction giveaway camera- no flash- unused
  3. 2 Pairs of Dark Sunglasses
    1 DKNY, 1 Solar Shield w/ Advance UV Protection
  4. 2 Master Locks
    1 w/ key, 1 combination (I don't remember it)
  5. 1 Key
    No lock- I took it from my friend when I installed his deadbolt...just in case.
  6. 1 SONY Television Remote Control
    Not used because my DVD remote also controls the television
  7. 1 Little Black Moleskin Notebook
    Filled with the thoughts of Matt A. Ringler
  8. 1 Pin
    Promotional giveaway for the new movie American Splendor- says "GENUINE NERD"- haven't seen the movie yet.
  9. 2 Stickers
    1 SpongeBob SquarePants, 1 "DISCOVER that Girls Rule- Princess Rules...Boys Drool"
  10. 3 Bottle Openers
    1 with frat letters, 1 Molson w/ twin label technology, 1 standard silver metal
  11. 3 Ticket Stubs
    1 Bills vs. Jets Sept. 8, 2002, almost got into a fight at the game with an overzealous Bills fan. 1 Studio Arena Theatre for Performance of Mousetrap Wed. 4, 2002, had to see 3 plays for a theatre class...only saw 2 and had my mom write the 3rd review. 1 UB Extreme Zone- Half Time Show w/ Tony Hawk Sep 14, 2002, I didn't go.
  12. 2 Receipts from Ken-ton Physical Therapy for $5.00 Co-pay
    Physical therapy from an ankle injury (falling down stairs)
  13. 2 Free Game or Movie Rental Certificates from Blockbuster Video
    Expire 10/31/02
  14. 1 Receipt from Hamburg Town Court
    11/22/02 $60.00 moving violation reduced to 2 speeding tickets
  15. 4 Appointment Notification Cards
    Ken-ton Physical Therapy- 02/03-03/03
  16. 1 Dry Cleaning Ticket
    Aladdin Cleaners-#004, due Thur 3/27/03, subtotal 21.25
  17. 1 ID Glide Sensual Lubricant
    Where did this come from?
  18. 1 Contents of Emptied Wallet
    Casino Niagara Players Advantage Card (someone else's name on card), 1 TGIFridays Gold Points Rewards from Queens NY, 3 MCI Express prepaid phone cards $5,$5,$20, I wonder if any of these are still good?, 1 Hy-Miller Food Stores Prepaid Card (from Ohio) $5 (this 1 too?)
  19. 1 Pen Cap
  20. 1 Ripped Scrap of Blank White Paper
  21. 1 Black Ball of Fuzz
  22. 1/2 of a Random Pill