For you @elooto
  1. Kolchak is the best tv newspaper reporter
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  2. They used a plot about a dating service like it was 2015.
  3. Gavin McDavin is a handsome genius
  4. No Kolchak = No X-Files
  5. Helen of Troy sucks the youth out of the youthful daters making them old
  6. Kolchak is prob def the least weird thing about Chicago I mean they had a Murder Castle.
  7. If you meet someone from Chicago, don't start off with "hey have you heard of HH Holmes murder castle?" It doesn't play.
  8. The bar I went to in Chicago was called Excalibur. Anyone from Chicago groans when they hear that but it was fun.
  9. Kolchak's editor Vicenzo refers to the kids as "Those Swinging Singles"
  10. Kolchak invented Tinder