Right at the start of my junior year of H.S. I went school supply shopping and found these 90210 folders. It was kind of passed the show's prime but I still loved it so I bought them all. Worth it.
  1. Claire, Steve, Dylan, Donna, Brandon, Kelly, Valerie
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    No Andrea or Brenda in this cast but Valerie went a long way for making that okay. Strange David Silver didn't make this cut for whatever reason.
  2. Brandon & Kelly
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    Didn't love them as a couple. Glad Kelly chose herself when she had to pick between Brandon and Dylan.
  3. Dylan McKay
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    The coolest character that I will never come close to being anything like. I remember thinking, Dylan is so awesome, thank God I am not him.
  4. Valerie Malone
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    I loved high school 90210 the best but Valerie was such a huge addition for me, she made it all worthwhile. I just wanted to be her boyfriend and be like really really good to her so she could chill out and not get into terrible situations anymore. Buffalo's finest: Valerie Malone