The best of the best.
  1. "Why yes you may an', I'm just sayin' / that dress you play in, is A-OK and / this your chance for, at least it could be / for you and your girlfriend on the dance floor, ménage-boogie"
    Y'all Know
  2. "No love for the haters, the haters / mad cause I got floor seats at the Lakers / see me on the fifty yard line with the Raiders / met Ali he told me I'm the greatest"
    Gettin' Jiggy With It
  3. "I know the deal, I talked to Mary Jane and she said / your ex-boyfriends Mike and Ike are both Lemonheads / I ain't tryin ta player hate girl I know / that you go with Bazooka Joe"
  4. "My mom said the lynch pin of love is trust / and taught me that monogo-ME is monogom-US"
    Chasing Forever
  5. "Four five chromed out former two seater / fifty inch Sony to watch Siskel and Ebert / cause I'm about to get two thumbs up, ten toes, one knee and probably a couple of elbows"
    Don't Say Nothing
  6. "Ain't no surprise in the club to see Sly Stallone / Miami, my second home"
  7. "Outside of rap got the cream and all that / but kind of left a void in me / you can't keep running in and out of my life / said my mic. Aight"
    Yes Yes Y'all
  8. "'Member when you used to blindfold me til I don't see / use your mind that's what you told me / kissing me slowly"
    I Loved You
  9. "North Pole got my butt cold"
    It's All Good
  10. "I gotta study just to keep up with the changing times / 101 Dalmatians on your CD-ROM / see me I'm / trying to pretend I know / on my PC where that CD go"
    Just the Two of Us
  11. "Don't hate me / one is where they rate me / lately you could find me / behind the door marked V.I.P. / eating grapes under the A.C."
    Big Willie Style
  12. "The good guys dress in black remember that / just in case we ever face to face and make contact / the title held by me M.I.B. / means what you think you saw, you did not see"
    Men in Black