Shout out to @jackd for the idea on this one.
  1. R Kelly Fiesta / Feelin' On Yo Booty
    Got this at an R Kelly concert in the early '00s. How do you see a shirt with these words on it and not buy it? I've never seen one person with this same shirt ever again. @courtneyishot
  2. Dole Kemp 1996
    Got this in Washington DC circa '96 for like $4 strictly off the Conan O'Brien bit where they'd show a pic of Dole's face and someone else's lips would be talking. Died every time they did it that summer.
  3. Queens School of Hard Knocks
    Reppin' for my borough. There was a time from '95-'00 where I only wanted to be successful to have my name listed on the back of these shirts (each borough had famous people from that borough across the back).
  4. Film Forum
    Lucky enough that my office has been a 7 minute walk from Film Forum for the last decade. There isn't a list long enough to say every movie I've seen here. Dopest spot.
  5. The Up in Smoke Tour
    Got tickets to this but managed to sneak down with my brother and ended up watching the show next to Fat Joe. Best part, when they RIP'd Big Pun and Joe started bucking hand gun shots at the sky.
  6. Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt
    Went to the 10th Anniversary of Reasonable Doubt concert at Radio City in 2006 where Jay did the entire album in reverse order. Sat 10 rows behind Carmelo Anthony. Every seat had a shirt and a poster. This one is a 3XL but I will be buried in it.
  7. Goosebumps On Location Wrap Shirt
    I'm the editor of Goosebumps but I didn't get to go to the set of the movie. Got the shirt though. Love it so much.
  8. Jim Carey Riddler
    Batman Forever is my fave Batman movie. I read the movie novelization a month before the movie came out. Went to the WB store at the Roosevelt Field Mall and got the shirt in '95.
  9. Uma Thurman Poison Ivy
    Went back to the WB store to get this one a couple years later. Only regret, not getting the Alicia Silverstone Batgirl shirt, too. They had it.
  10. Beastie Boys Tour 1995
    Didn't go to this show, my step-brother did. I ended up the shirt. Got to see them a few years later many times.
  11. Cardozo Class of 2000
    My high school senior class t-shirt. 15 years ago, damn.
  12. Michael Jordan & Mars Blackman
    Got this when they re-released the Jordan III's. Destroyed the sneakers, kept the shirt.
  13. I Had Sex With President Clinton...
    Also got this in DC, during Clinton sex scandal. Was most popular kid in high school. Rooting for Hillary to win to get another 4-8 years out of my initial investment. May not be as funny with her as President.
  14. 49ers Steal Your Face
    I'm a 49ers fan, my dad is a Deadhead. This is what happens when one of those tries to buy something for you. Still love it.
  15. Bad Feminist
    New edition to the bunch. Can't wait to rock this in the summer and see all the good and bad looks on the NYC subway commute. @AshleyCFord
  16. Hot Boys
    Before Lil' Wayne was Weezy he was in the Hot Boys with Juvenile, BG, and Young Turk. I saw Cash Money / Ruff Riders in concert in high school. Hardest show I've ever been to, rocked Tims.
  17. Summer Jam 2000
    This is when Jay-Z brought out Michael Jackson onstage. Also had Dre, Eminem, Sisqo, Aaliyah, Ruff Ryders, Cash Money, Black Rob and Sean Paul. Could be best concert I've ever seen.
  18. Bulls '91-'92 Back-to-Back
    Prob def my favorite shirt. Was a hand-me-down. Who hands down a Bulls championship shirt? Bozo move. My younger brother never got to this one. Wore it at my very first non-open mic standup show. Might be buried in this underneath the Jigga shirt or leave in my will as a family heirloom.