1. So far my favorite part of The Jinx is in ep 2 when the retired cop calls the guy "a banana."
  2. -Did you investigate these leads? -Well no, not really, we didn't know if he was a banana.
  3. The Jinx update: Still loving the banana line but "how do you accidentally shave your eyebrows?" is really climbing the charts for me.
  4. The Jinx update: Should've been clear that Durst is a huge creep the way he is a native New Yorker but still wanders around Times Square.
  5. I don't care that his family owns Times Square, still not a thing to do.
  6. For the record, I've begun to write "CADAVER" on everything.
  7. Bob Durst's lawyer, Dick DeGuerin def has a Major League-style cardboard cutout of Jeanine Pirro in his office, right?