As a Knicks fan I'm used to rooting for other teams in the finals. Here is who is I'd like to see based strictly on the best narratives and not who I like best (@zoe you wanted Bball talk here you go)
  1. Golden State Warriors
    You know only like 5 teams have won the championship in the last 200 years of the NBA? Time for some new blood. Is there any more exciting team right now? The offense, the defense. Steph Curry's 77 straight 3's in practice rumor. Draymond and Bogut in the paint on D. The pre-season Klay trade rumors. Last season's coaching drama being swept under the rug by Steve Kerr's incredible decision making ability. David Lee off the bench. Who do I want to watch for the next month? G.S. Steph for MVP.
  2. Boston Celtics
    Name five Celtics players off the top of your head. Kelly Olynyck? Isiah Thomas? The coach is more of a star than his team to me at this point. Brad Stevens is coaching the hell out of a young group of hungry guys playing as hard as they can every night. They don't have a star. This is the true underdog of the playoffs. Feel good story. Could they pull off an upset against Cleveland? The Celtics-Cavs rivalry sparked up a decade later.
  3. New Orleans Pelicans
    Anthony Davis clinches a playoff spot on the last day of the season. The team's coaches and GM are saved from being fired. Pelicans come together and with some hot shooting from a recently back from injury Ryan Anderson, who hits 15 3's in one game off the bench, they complete an 8th seed upset. Davis averages 5 blocks a game and goes into the next season as THE best player in the league.
  4. San Antonio Spurs
    The past 15 years the Spurs have consistently been a favorite to win it all. They're beautiful. Timmy wins one last championship and walks off into the sunset, the Spurs lose the greatest power forward of all time and are still the favorites to win next year because their system will spit out another guy who can do similar things with a proper work ethic and no ego. Plus, Pop mid-game interviews for four rounds is a dream. Kawhi wins his second Finals MVP in a row and gets inducted into HOF.
  5. Atlanta Hawks
    Al Horford had a couple of freak injuries the last couple of seasons that kept everyone from seeing just how good the Hawks always are. But Coach Budenholzer brought it all together. Playoff Kyle Korver shooting the lights out. Winning it for Thabo, who was injured by the NYPD?! An Elton Brand championship? Free Pero Antic! Paul Milsap just seems like the nicest guy. Best record in the East brings it all home.
  6. Cleveland Cavaliers
    LeBron returns home and finally gives Cleveland a ring. Nobody ever questions his legacy again. We get to see the best player on the planet be the best. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving finally make the playoffs and go all the way, making everyone forget all the drama of the whole year. The resurgence of JR Smith and emergence of Mozgov, they were on the Knicks, why can't the Knicks do one single thing right? Keeps Cleveland far far away from their 100th #1 draft pick in 8 years.
  7. Washington Wizards
    God I love John Wall so much. I don't even know why. Him doing the Dougie three years ago? The Polish Hammer winning a ring? Plus, playoff Paul Pierce talking shit to everyone and everything. When Paul Pierce retires, the league should consider only having a regular season. There's no point to playoffs really if Pierce and his antics aren't around anymore. Pierce wins one more ring as a giant FU to Antoine Walker, Ray Allen, Doc Rivers, and BK Nets.
  8. Chicago Bulls
    No matter who gets hurt the Bulls manage to win games. There will be at least two double overtime games involving the Bulls this postseason. The story within this story of Jimmy Butler. Pau Gasoline shoving everything into an already downtrodden Lakers nation. Derrick Rose on the court some more when it counts. Mirotic's rookie year. Somehow Kirk Hinrich still playing meaningful minutes. An Aaron Brooks breakout game.
  9. Los Angeles Clippers
    Clippers cementing themselves as the LA team. Blake Griffin dunks on everybody. Chris Paul gets some respect post-season respect finally. Another ring for Doc. Jamal Crawford 25 points, no rebounds, no assists, no steals stat line. Matt Barnes def gets into a fistfight with someone. Spencer Hawes victory celebration of crazy. Doc holding the ring he gave his son over his head forever.
  10. Houston Rockets
    Daryl Morey gets so much credit for assembling this team. Harden wins Finals MVP by averaging 40 free throws a game. OKC fans die a slow death for that trade. Interviews with the last Rockets team to win including Hakeem, Vernon Maxwell, Clyde Drexler, and Mario Elie. Another Jason Terry trophy tattoo. Dwight Howard acting like a goofball. Everyone is obsessed with Harden's beard for a summer.
  11. Toronto Raptors
    Masai Ujiri curses at more people to get his fans riled up. Toronto's We The North ties perfectly into Game of Thrones return. Raptors get their first championship ever. Knicks fans kill themselves for taking Bargnani AND not getting Kyle Lowry for Shumpert when they could. Tyler Hansbrough's intense stare in a Finals game.
  12. Milwaukee Bucks
    THE GREEK FREAK, Giannis takes a giant leap and becomes the next Kevin Durant meets Paul George. Milwaukee never has to worry about losing their franchise for the next decade. People see Jason Kidd is a great coach and, oh it must be the Nets organization that can't do things correctly, shocker. Michael Carter-Williams goes from ROY on a tanking team to starting point guard on championship team. Jabari Parker comes back next season and they're even better.
  13. Dallas Mavericks
    Beautiful sweet loyal Dirk. Watching the Mavs is like going to a Rock the Bells show. You see 4 acts from your past you forgot you liked. There's Amar'e! There's Charlie Villanueva. Biggest FU to Knicks with Chandler, Felton, and STAT on roster. Chandler Parsons post win clubbing will be epic. Dallas almost always comes close or does upset a highly seeded team.
  14. Memphis Grizzlies
    Marc Gasol's emergence as best player on this team. Every story ever about Zach Randolph. They are always in it the Western Conference chase every year. Mike Conley is so fun to watch. Everyone only thinks about Tony Allen in the playoffs. Vincent Lamar Carter needs a ring!
  15. Portland Trail Blazers
    Nice team in a nice city. Elevates Lamarcus Aldridge to the level he deserves. Portlandia eps just about them winning with Kyle Maclachlan. Always right there, finally make the leap. Dame Lillard becoming an elite point guard. Robin Lopez talking shit to his brother, Brook. Steve Blake gets a ring somehow.
  16. Brooklyn Nets
    Reinforces every bad decision the Nets have made in the last few years. I'm a diehard NY fan and would love to see any kind of NY sports success. Guys earn the huge pay checks they've been getting. Brooklyn becomes one huge block party for all of June. Deron Williams barely looks like he cares when he wins the championship. Mason Plumlee victory tour around Park Slope.