A Boost for breakfast, an Ensure for dessert...
  1. A milkshake for a midday break
  2. A smoothie for watching a movie
  3. A Carnation for after meditation
  4. A margarita for listening to the soundtrack to Evita
  5. A protein shake for taking a break
  6. A Nestle Quik for meeting Rick (Owens)
  7. A Mountain Dew for hanging with the crew
  8. A Hydroxycut for when my eyes shut
  9. A Vitamin Water for crossing the border
  10. A Gatorade for getting a fade.
  11. A Malibooyah for reading George Bernard Shaw
    Suggested by @carey
  12. A gogurt for doing my homework
    Suggested by @roseschlossberg
  13. A martini for a "meeting" with Tisci
    Suggested by @zoe