Fuller House. Arrested Development returned. So did Boy Meets World. Some people are complaining "aren't there any new ideas?" Homey, they've been doing this forever, only the Netflix part is new.
  1. A Very Brady Chrismas-1988
    Whole cast from the original comes back a decade after the show was on. Except for Cindy, they replace her with Gwen from Charles in Charge, an upgrade in my opinion.
  2. Return to Maybury- 1986
    Andy Griffith and crew dealing with life in the 80s. Barney Fife running for sheriff? Opie having a baby? Weird.
  3. Knight Rider 2000- 1991
    Knight Rider was really early in trying to capitalize on the millennium trend. KITT wasn't the same car. They changed the best damn thing about the show. At least Hasselhoff returned.
  4. Project: ALF- 1996
    The government is after ALF. Contains the joke: What's the difference between toilet paper and a shower curtain? What? So YOU'RE the one. Best joke ever.
  5. Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited- 2004
    Ray Romano hosted this reunion where all the living members of the show were brought back to write a eulogy for Alan Brady. Dick Van Dyke is my imaginary grandfather.
  6. Still the Beaver- 1983
    Ward is dead. The Beaver is on the loose after breaking up with his wife and only Wally can help things get right.
  7. Rescue From Gilligan's Island- 1978
    Most disappointing part of this: different Ginger. Everyone has to try to get used to life off the island. This is where Lost got most of its final season ideas from.