Jay-Z pulled his album Reasonable Doubt off of Spotify bc he is launching a competing streaming music service.
  1. If Jay-Z pulled Reasonable Doubt from my iTunes, I would be reasonably impressed.
    Still wouldn't join Tidal.
  2. If Jay-Z pulled the Reasonable Doubt 10th Anniversary Concert poster off the wall above my bed, I would be surprised and dismayed.
    Still wouldn't join Tidal. Would hang up my old P Diddy and the Fam No Way Out poster in its place.
  3. If Jay-Z pulled the Reasonable Doubt t-shirt from my dresser drawer I would be annoyed but it's a 3x and way too big for me.
    Still wouldn't join Tidal but I'd have an open space in my drawer to finally buy that Britney Griner t-shirt jersey I've wanted for a while.
  4. If Jay-Z pulled the cd copy of Reasonable Doubt I have down in my mon's basement, I'd be more impressed than anything in my life, even more than the way 2Pac jumps that fence in Juice.
    I'd consider trying a one-month free trial of Tidal but quitting before they started charging my card.
  5. If Jay-Z through an Inception or Memento or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-like ploy managed to pull any memory of Reasonable Doubt from my brain, I'd be sad because it's a really awesome album.
    I'd join Tidal and let them charge me but then call my credit card company and say my card got stolen and have them reverse the payment and report Jay-Z to the authorities for manipulating brains. Or I'd just listen to Vol 2 Hard Knock Life instead.