In 2011 I liked to walk around Manhattan and take pictures of regular-looking people out-cold in public places. This is a curated selection.
  1. He Could Be Dead
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    Outside Bar Veloce, 11th Street & 2nd Avenue
  2. Sleepcifiction
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    Outside Central Park, 62nd Street & Central Park West
  3. Look The Other Way
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    Washington Square Park
  4. Sleeping Bangs
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    Washington Square Park South End
  5. Not Selling Nothing Today
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    Broadway btw Prince & Spring
  6. Bin Layin
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    Cooper Square & 4th Avenue
  7. Sleepreading
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    Peter Cooper Park, 7th Street & Cooper Square
  8. Napping With My Giant Keyboard
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    Stuyvesant Square, E 15th Street btw 1st & 2nd Aves