Should've stuck to the rivers and lakes that he's used to...
  1. HIV
    She gives him loving his body can't handle...
  2. STD
    Same, many more options to choose from
  3. DIE
    Every year death kills more people than anything else.
  4. PCP
    Angel Dust, you ever see what this stuff does to kids?
  5. BRA
    Those things are hard to operate.
  6. BOO
    Scared to death
  7. SIP
    Drunk drinking
  8. BIT
  9. H2O
    Waterfalls drowned him.
  10. A&E
    Bored to death by A&E's Biography.
  11. ZZZ
    Sleep apnea
  12. JFK
    Blown away, what else do I have to say?