I am 33 and on a couch in a basement.
  1. Wine
    Lots of it.
  2. Terrible person
    Basically if you invite me over, my goal is to see if I can make you like me enough in a short amount of time to let me sleep over. This is in a completely platonic way. I won't share your bed. You will offer to be polite but I will accept because I'm that creature behind the dumpster in Mulholland Drive.
  3. Into the Woods
    We watched Into the Woods as a group. I went into the woods and I'm not sure I ever came out.
  4. No windows
    There aren't any windows down here. It could be 4 in the afternoon or morning and I wouldn't know the diff.
  5. Harlem
    It's really far from where I live.
  6. Breakfast?
    Should we? Or should I run away, run away, like Janie's got a gun.