I bought this album at Sam Goody in 1995. There's show dialogue in between songs so a good prank is to play this for people and then they hear Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel talking about bad boyfriends.
  1. Rembrandts- I'll Be There For You
    One time I went to Carnival in Brazil in 2005 and there was a cover charge to get into the bar. We paid and walked in, this song was playing and we all walked out and demanded our money back.
  2. Hootie & The Blowfish- I Go Blind
  3. Toad the Wet Sprockets- Good Intentions
  4. Lou Reed- You'll Know You Were Loved
    You ever feel like your life is like the Lou Reed track on the Friends Soundtrack?
  5. kd lang- Sexuality
  6. Barenaked Ladies- Shoe Box
  7. R.E.M.- It's A Free World Baby
  8. Paul Westerberg- Sunshine
  9. Pretenders- Angel Of The Morning
  10. Grant Lee Buffalo- In My Room
  11. Joni Mitchell- Big Yellow Taxi
  12. Paul Westerberg- Stain Yer Blood
  13. Rembrandts- I'll Be There For You (Long Version)
    There's a long version.