This is what I have left. I had Darryl Strawberry and Don Mattingly that I can't find. I love my brother but if I find out he has them, I'll break his jaw 😄. I have a few still in boxes, too.
  1. Terry Pendleton, Atlanta Braves
  2. Ray Lankford, St. Louis Cardinals
  3. Ken Griffey Jr., Seattle Mariners
  4. Jack McDowell, Chicago White Sox
  5. Robin Ventura, Chicago White Sox
  6. Bo Jackson, Chicago White Sox
  7. Kevin Brown, Texas Rangers
  8. Dean Palmer, Texas Rangers
  9. Roberto Alomar, Toronto Blue Jays
  10. Juan Guzman, Toronto Blue Jays
  11. Marquis Grissom, Montreal Expos
  12. Travis Fryman, Detroit Tigers
  13. Barry Larkin, Cincinnati Reds
  14. Bip Roberts, Cincinnati Reds
  15. Kevin Elster, New York Mets
  16. Fred McGriff, San Diego Padres
  17. Mark McGwire, Oakland Athletics
  18. Ryne Sandberg, Chicago Cubs
  19. Rickey Henderson, New York Yankees
  20. Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
  21. 1990 post season award winners ROY: Dave Justice & Sandy Alomar Jr. Cy Young: Doug Drabek & Bob Welch MVP: Barry Bonds & Rickey Henderson
  22. Marcus Allen, Kansas City Chiefs
  23. Mike Garrett, Kansas City Chiefs
  24. Ken O'Brien, New York Jets
  25. Mark Gastineau, New York Jets
  26. Loy Vaught, Los Angeles Clippers
  27. David Robinson, Dream Team III
  28. Vlade Divac, Charlotte Hornets
  29. Stephon Marbury, Minnesota Timberwolves
  30. Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls