For @Pixie
  1. First off, Erin Gray was like the first crush I ever had. I was prob like 5 years old and not even capable of having crushes but Erin Gray was the first person to make me realize that someone could be so beautiful that you never want to stop looking at them ever.
  2. Ricky gets a note that some reporter wants to interview him about computers bc he was named Mr. Software at Lake Winamoka's weekend computer camp.
  3. The reporter is Arnold Jackson from the P.S. 89 Weekly Woodpecker.
  4. Arnold does not ride the train with Ricky to go see the computer. Going to the Silver Spoons house and not riding the train is like going to the Webster house and not using the secret clock passageway.
  5. Ricky is a genius "see computers are the wave of the future. People already play video games on them someday people are going to do all their banking on a computer, all their shopping on a computer. Someday almost everything is going to be done by a computer." This is 1982.
  6. Ricky tells Arnold about "visiting" which is when one computer talks to another. They get into restricted access of Trans-Allied Industries by using a code-breaking algorithm Ricky has been experimenting with.
  7. The Starlight 2000
  8. Arnold prints the story of Ricky's breaking the military code on the front page of the Woodpecker but instead of leaving Ricky as an anonymous source, Arnold includes Ricky's name and a picture of the plane.
  9. The FBI shows up and explains that the kids could be guilty of treason, which is punishable by death. So Ricky and Arnold run away to ride the Tramp Steamer, Gnarly Dog until it all blows over.
  10. They get caught as stowaways by the captain and pretend to be brothers to get hired as cabin boys. The captain makes them polish the entire ship's railings.
  11. The crew members on the ship: Patch, Shinless Chuck, The Turk, Peeping Tom, Mad Dog. The captain talks about how he misses his real family so Ricky and Arnold return home.
  12. They apologize to the FBI and all the issues of the Woodpecker are confiscated. Ricky has to teach the FBI how he broke their code.
  13. The end!