November 23, 1991. The Chicago Bulls are playing against the Denver Nuggets.
  1. Five seconds left in the game. Bulls are up 105-100. They inbound the ball almost the full length of the court to a streaking Michael Jordan.
  2. In a late-game attempt to maintain pride of home court, Mark Macon wraps up MJ rather than letting him throw down a celebratory dagger dunk.
  3. MJ laughs knowing that anyone left in the crowd would love to see him get one last dunk in. Also, he knows he'd never let this happen in Chicago so there is a knowing glance of recognition.
  4. The Bulls bench is showing off more white-leg than the 1964 Rockettes.
  5. MJ swishes the first shot no problem.
  6. MJ, who has scored 36 points with 6 rebounds, hears Dikembe Mutombo talking from the baseline. Supposedly MJ and Dikembe had a running trash talk throughout their careers about whether or not MJ could dunk on Mutombo.
  7. MJ says to Mutombo, "this one's for you" and closes his eyes to shoot the second free throw.
  8. The second shot is also a swish. Jordan barely waits at the free throw line to see it go in.
  9. Denver throws up this final shot that is an airball.
  10. Mutombo and Jordan shake hands quickly while passing each other.
    (Best Nuggets jerseys ever, right @stamos?)
  11. As he's walking out Jordan ignores this little kid Nuggets fan who came up to him.
  12. Bulls win 107-100. Most devastating shit-talking in-game move ever has been created.