There's an episode of Webster when he goes to New York for a Knicks game but misses it bc George brought the wrong tix, then Webster gets to see the court and Ewing is out there. It's the most important ep of TV in New York history.
  1. Webster rocks the Georgetown Ewing throwback.
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  2. Webster has a Patrick Ewing poster from his rookie year with his jersey on backwards.
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  3. Madison Square Garden circa '85-'86
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  4. Webster and Ewing on the court.
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  5. John Thompson comes over to say hi to George.
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  6. George, John Thompson, Webster, and Pat all chillin on the court.
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  7. Patrick Ewing helps Webster dunk.
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  8. Webster goes thru Ewing's legs.
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  9. Webster takes a free throw and makes it finally.
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  10. Pre-flattop Pat
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