In his book Afterworlds Scott Westerfield introduces the Angelina Jolie Paradox which says: When you cast Angelina Jolie in a film, you're creating an alternate universe in which she doesn't exist...
  1. ...Because otherwise people would be noticing the resemblance all the time." Here are some exceptions to this rule. Please add more!
  2. Oceans 12
    In Oceans 12 theres a running joke about Matt Damon's character thinking that Tess looks like someone. We find out that it's Julia Roberts when their caper goes awry. Tess has to pretend to be a very pregnant in real life Julia. The plot almost works until Bruce Willis as himself recognizes Tess as Julia and begins to talk about their real-life friendship. The problem here is that if Julia Roberts and her character exist, how come nobody recognizes Clooney, Pitt, or Damon as their counterparts?
  3. The Family
    Robert De Niro plays a mobster hiding in witness protection. His neighbors find out that he's an expert on the mafia and ask him to give a speech before their film club meeting. The movie they are showing: Goodfellas. Goodfellas is a hell of a movie but De Niro is a huge part of that. Could they be showing a version of it without De Niro? This would fall in with the Last Action Hero corollary. Or is it understood that De Niro's character looks like a past his prime version of Bobby De Niro?
  4. The Last Action Hero corollary
    In Last Action Hero Danny Madigan leaps into the movie world of Jack Slater but in Danny's "real world" Slater is played by Arnold. Danny tries to convince Jack they're in a movie by using action movie tropes as evidence. He even tries taking him to a Blockbuster video store to show him some other Arnold movies. He finds out that while Terminator 2 still exists, it was played by Stallone. So if Angelina's movies exist in her character's worlds they may be starring Jennifer Aniston as Lara Croft.
  5. Mallrats
    Willem is staring at this Magic Eye poster for most of the movie but at one point he sees Rene, played by Shannon Daugherty and calls her "Brenda." She hits him and storms away. This is either an acknowledgment that Rene looks like Shannon Daugherty whose portrayal of Brenda Walsh exists in this universe or that Willem lives in the same universe as the character of Brenda Walsh and knows her. Brenda wanted to be an actor so I it's possible that she became famous and he thought Rene was her.