Somebody taped The Wizard of Oz for me in 1986. I still have the vhs. These are the best commercials on there per @videodrew's request.
  1. Challenger Pepsi ad
    Chuck the astronaut hears mission control pop a Pepsi during blast off so he asks the guy to walk him through the first sip. Then Martin Sheen's voice cuts in and says Pepsi: The Choice of a New Generation so this ad feels like a missing scene from Apocalypse Now.
  2. Christie Brinkley for Cover Girl
    Christie Brinkley is a model who does model-like things such as posing in front of a camera, wearing makeup, and marrying Billy Joel.
  3. Wendy's "step aside"
    Wendy's is my favorite fast food bc of the spicy chicken sandwich but I'm not sure they had that back in '86 bc this is a commercial for a hamburger which is their worst item and they wouldn't be highlighting it if they had a better arsenal to choose from.
  4. CBS We Got The Touch bumper
    Some ad exec thought it was a good idea to make the slogan for CBS be We Got The Touch. They must have forgotten their logo is an eye and if you are repeatedly touching that people will think you have conjunctivitis.
  5. Milk Does a Body Good
    This ad for milk has a penguin Moonwalking past a group of breakdancing kids so yeah I'll take like seven gallons of that stuff now yo.
  6. The Wizard of Oz bumper
    Glad to see CBS spent the big bucks out of their budget on this. I wonder how they were able to get the guys who did my Bar Mitzvah video graphics to agree to it?
  7. Airwolf
    Hawk falls in love with a beautiful country singer but can he save her from the men who want to kill her? Uh, yah he basically has a sentient helicopter, if he can't overcome a couple of goons with rifles then he doesn't deserve his pilot's license.
  8. CBS News at 11
    New info in the Bernie Goetz case...
  9. Pepsi Free ad
    Pepsi Free was a real thing I guess the nice part is now I finally get that Back to the Future joke from 20 years ago.
  10. Murder She Wrote
    The is the football episode of Murder She Wrote and it features Bruce Jenner and Dick Butkus. It is one of the most important episodes of TV ever like the last episode of MASH and the first episode of the OC.
  11. The Day The Senior Class Got Married
    TV movie about a marriage experiment in high school that goes wrong bc of a computer. It was '86 so the computer was probably running ms-dos which is the least reliable operating system for matrimony. They should have upgraded to at least America Online 6.0.
  12. George Plimpton An American Portrait
    George Plimpton talks about his distant relative James Leonard Plimpton inventing a skate controlled by foot pressure. I don't know I guess the 80's were a weird time for TV.
  13. US Post Office
    This is a picture of an eagle in front of the Twin Towers. I'll never not grab a pic such as this.
  14. Lionel Richie Pepsi ad
    Lionel Richie wrote a song about Pepsi that sounds like a hit song. This was prob on the charts for 3 weeks until it got bumped off by Huey Lewis. I'd listen to this whole album even if every track was about a different kind of Pepsi even Pepsi Free.
  15. Cable TV
    There was a time when people were suspicious of cable TV so cable ran ads with people saying things like: Cable TV challenges me. Then Ted Turner made a billion dollars and bought the Braves and Jane Fonda and James Dolan's dad bought the Knicks and gave them to his son to destroy.
  16. McKenzie Brothers Pizza Hut ad
    Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis are Gods and Pizza Hut is the food of Gods and this ad should be brought out of retirement and shown pre-roll for every Netflix original show. I am a perfect TV exec.
  17. Dallas
    Dallas is a show where everyone was trying to kill JR every season and steal his oil. One year they got him but it turned out it was all a dream and he woke up and it was 2012 and Jesse Metcalfe was there saying "Shhhh, I won't tell if you don't."
  18. John Moschitta Jr. Disney ad
    Aka the Micro Machine guy and Mr. Testaverde on Saved By the Bell. He says a lot about Disney really quickly.
  19. Finger of Fudge ad
    Never heard of Finger of Fudge. Prob not a good name for a candy bar or anything else. This kid tries to kick a football and gets Charlie Brown'd so hard he prob never heard a word his teacher ever said again.
  20. Yogi Berra Daily News Sports ad
    The cover of this sports page mentions El Sid who is a Met. The Mets don't ever positively make the front page of the sports page for a positive reason so I need to enjoy this from 1986.