Anne Hathaway faced off against Emily Blunt in a lip sync battle. Watch this video. It is incredible. I love Anne Hathaway.
  1. Playing coy
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    She comes out all mild-mannered looking.
  2. Jumps
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    Pretty solid jump here, she's into this.
  3. The reveal
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    The beat drops and the true costume comes out.
  4. Sledgehammer work
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    Swing that thang, girl!!!
  5. Passion
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  6. Full Miley
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    The tongue has been deployed.
  7. LL Cool J's face when Hathaway taunts Blunt mid-song
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  8. Wrecking Ball middle finger
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    That full on spring jump to the wrecking ball and look back middle finger to the competition is soooooo gangster.
  9. Full routine
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    Swinging and singing.
  10. Christine Teigen's reactions
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    Yaaaaaas Queen!!!
  11. The finale
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    Standing swinging wrecking ball maneuver.
  12. Bow down
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    Blunt bows down.
  13. Victory lap
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    Anne's like "that, oh that was nothing." As the crowd chants "HATHAWAY."