The return of Chili Palmer
  1. Ten years after Chili took the music industry by storm, he realizes just how hard it is to make a not-so-honest-buck in the record injury. I mean who buys albums when there's Spotify and Tidal so Chili is looking for another career change.
  2. He meets a young programmer played by Josh Gad who explains the concept of iPhone apps to Chili. "You mean it just goes into my phone from the air?" Chili decides he needs to get in on this new action.
  3. Gad has been working on an app called Hollaback for over a year but his roommate played by Wiz Khalifa is trying to muscle him out of the deal now that there is real money on the table from an investor played by Tom Berenger.
  4. Chili bumps into an old friend from back east Brooklyn in the old days who is now a venture capitalist played by Andie McDowell, a very exciting reunion from their pairing in Michael. Andie is having trouble with some Silicon Valley hot shot played by James Spader.
  5. Chili ends up a party where there is a quick cameo from real life Sean Parker who thanks Chili for his help with that Metallica-thing back in then day.
  6. Chili convinces Spader it's not in his best interest to continue to harass Andie and lays a trap in which two bumbling LA cops played by Charlie Day and Chris Gethard find out about Spader's insider trading and arrest him.
  7. Chili then convinces Wiz to let Gad back in on the deal by explaining to them the difference between Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton (Pullman is in Casper, Paxton is Titanic, they were both in Brain Dead), Berenger drops out after his assets are frozen, he had done deals with Spader coincidentally.
  8. Danny DeVito as Martin Weir shows up and puts his money into Hollaback, which is an immediate success. Chili and Andie slow dance to Lorde's new hit Miz Hollaback.
  9. Twinkle, twinkle y'all.