You should all listen to this bc it is a perfect song.
  1. Thank you to that cocaine
    He got it off the boat and made it float, then copped that Beamer.
  2. Thanks to British
    He's some other guy, word they made mothers cry.
  3. Wet t-shirt, no water gun.
  4. Thanks to Zekey
    He kept Cam's pockets on overflow.
  5. Un gave me my first deal, Benz gave me my first wheels
  6. Thanks to Hector Garcia Sr.
    He gave Cam his first meal, gracias papi.
  7. Wanna thank God
    Cam's lord and savior looking over me.
  8. Thanks to Tanya
    For years he tore up her ovaries, what up girl?
  9. Thanks east, west, north, south, overseas
    Specifically Peru
  10. No thanks to these rats
    They think you owe em cheese.
  11. High fives.
    High fives.