I spent $12.07 on all of this. CDs $1.50 each?!?!
  1. Beverly Hills 90210 The College Years Soundtrack
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    The cashier held this up and was like "really bro" and I just shrugged and nodded like Michael Jordan hitting the game winner. @maris
  2. Will Smith- Lost and Found
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    Featuring the hit song Switch from the Hitch Soundtrack.
  3. Paula Abdul- Forever Your Girl
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    MC Skat Kat is my mans and them.
  4. Jesus Jones- Doubt
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    Going to be a lot of Right Here Right Now playing at the crib tonight.
  5. The Singles Soundtrack
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    Dope soundtrack but unfortunately doesn't have the Citizen Dick hit My Name is Dick.
  6. Estelle- Shine
    What can I say, I'm an American Boy.
  7. Lady and the Tramp DVD
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    There Disney special edition DVDs are crazy expensive. This was $3.00. Not a scratch on it. Dad of the year.