@videodrew has me doing Daredevil recaps for her. I like the show a lot but this is how I think it could be better.
  1. The whole thing takes place in the courtroom. Matt Murdock uses his ability to hear people's bodies to win every case in Hell's Kitchen. Like Law & Order or A Civil Action but with superpowers. Or a dramatic Night Court.
  2. No fight scenes. Takes away from the legal drama.
  3. One episode that is a full-length boxing match. Like 50 minutes, just his dad and one of his classic Brawlin Jack Murdock slugfests but they show the full match start to finish. Maybe they bring in @tonyreali and Larry Merchant to do the call as guests.
    Only these fights are allowed.
  4. Wilson Fisk is still the bad guy but they only show him going on super awkward first dates. It's basically like Kingpin tindr.
  5. Marvel Universe crossover episode with either Spiderham aka Peter Porker or ALF or both.
  6. Foggy's hair continues to look more and more like 1970's Al Sharpton.