You bout it, I'm bout it bout it...
  1. Master P
  2. Third Ward, Calliope Projects, Fourth Ward, Fifth Ward, Tenth Ward, Twelfth Ward, Thirteenth, Seventeenth, Uptown Downtown, Across the sea
  3. King George
  4. Silkk
  5. Master P's manager TC
  6. Big Ed
  7. Sonya C
  8. C-Murder
  9. Mr. Servon
  10. Cally G & K-Lou
  11. Craig
  12. Mia X
  13. Mia X's dead friend Jill
  14. No Limit Records
  15. New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jackson Tennessee, Alabama even Georgia, south side Florida, Richmond California to Oakland cross the bay to San Francisco to the Eastside, Kansas City, Kentucky, Ohio, Washignton
  16. Mean Green
  17. Craig Street
  18. Rock Raines
  19. Vercy Carter
  20. Rasheem in the Magnolia
  21. Kevin Miller (RIP)