Tom Hanks comes to visit the Keatons and puts on a master class in quirky acting choices.
  1. Raw egg
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    Uncle Ned cracks an egg and is whisking it in a coffee cup while talking to Alex. At the end of the conversation, he tastes some of the raw egg. It gets a huge laugh but the audience actually groans, too, something I've never heard on a sitcom before. He then puts the cup down to go out and play softball with Jennifer so the eggs never even end up getting made. When he comes in from playing ball, he picks up the cup and sips on it like it is coffee and not uncooked yolk.
  2. Softball
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    When Uncle Ned comes in from playing softball, the phone rings. He says he'll answer it, walks over to the phone, realizes he's still holding the ball, does a quick look around for a place to put it and then drops it in the trash can.
  3. Catcher's Mask
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    Later that night, Uncle Ned comes in from playing softball with Jennifer again. He's wearing a catcher's mask over his face. He walks over to the fridge, takes the mask off, does another second-long glance and then puts the mask on the top shelf of the refrigerator, takes out a can of soda and closes the door.
  4. Can of soda
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    Uncle Ned is holding the can of soda at the table. Mallory and Jennifer rush in to say a car with government license plates has pulled up into the driveway. Uncle Ned takes the can of soda and drops it into his drinking glass. It gets a huge laugh.
  5. Bonus: Uncle Ned juggling snow globes of the NYC skyline
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    The best.