Treach is one of my favorite artists of all time because he will straight up use some dad-jokes as lyrical punchlines. Let's see if we can tell the difference.
  1. "This ain't got shit to do with shampoo, but watch your head and shoulders."
    Treach, Hip-Hop Hooray
  2. "We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops."
    Catskills comic
  3. "If I was a doctor, chill, I'll give you six months to live, another six if you can't pay the bill, I do what I will."
    Treach, Ready 4 Dem
  4. Doctor: You'll live to be 60. Patient: I am 60. Doctor: What Did I Tell You?
    Catskills comic
  5. "The reason I called you pussy cause you are what you eat."
    Treach, Yoke the Joker
  6. "I went to London but was super disappointed. I found out Big Ben was a clock."
    Catskills comic.
  7. "My hair-do don't"
    Treach, Uptown Anthem
  8. "There was a beautiful young woman knocking on my hotel room door all night. I finally had to let her out."
    Catskills comic
  9. "I'm smokin enemies like chimneys"
    Treach, Wickedest Man Alive