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  1. Family Ties: S1E16 Margin of Error
    Alex is doing a school project about picking stocks and making a fantasy killing. He pretends to be his dad and opens a portfolio account using 50 shares of AT&T stock Steve and Elise got for their wedding. He's up $10k when a typhoon wipes out the company he invests in. He owes $2700 for that margin call or the AT&T stock is going to get sold. His parents find out and pay the money so they can keep the stock. Alex is grounded.
  2. Good Morning Miss Bliss aka Saved By the Bell: S1E3 Wall Street
    Miss Bliss gets a computer in her class and uses it to teach the kids economics. They each invest $2 in an airline and track its progress. Zack sees a chance to make a fast profit so he sneaks into the school in the morning with Mikey and they buy stock in potatoes. The stock is on margin and Miss Bliss ends up having to sell her new sports car to bail them out of trouble.