1. Last Sunday I had brunch with @erikhinton in Chelsea. Neither of us are "brunch people" so we basically walked around until we found food.
  2. After brunch, we went to The Strand because we wanted to wander.
  3. I am addicted to cheap CDs so while Erik was browsing very high brow books I bought the 1999 Blackstreet album and the Soul Food Soundtrack. They were $2.00 each clearance.
    I also got an old '70s biography of Montgomery Clift bc I am obsessed with him. It had a great blurb from Elia Kazan. @zoe @maya
  4. When I got home that night I went to rip the CDs onto my computer.
  5. Apparently I already own the Soul Food Soundtrack. I'm at the point where I have so much music, I can't even keep up with duplicates.
  6. I carried the cd around with me all week in case I was nearby The Strand to exchange it.
  7. Today I passed by the store and went in. I go to the counter and say "how do I exchange this cd, it's the Soul Food Soundtrack and I bought it because I didn't realize I had it already. I might be the first person to ever but the Soul Food Soundtrack twice."
  8. The clerk was like "yeah, you probably are."
  9. Then another clerk asked "does it have any jams on it?" And I was like "uh yeah, I mean I bought it twice."
  10. So I got Seal IV and the other one with Kiss From a Rose and an old Ape Hangers album.