I don't usually do lists about the Listapp but I will do absolutely any list someone asks for so here you go @videodrew
  1. Dr. Dre
    Remember in Still D.R.E. when Dre was like "wake up in the AM compose a beat." That is me with this app but also at lunch time, on the subway, and in the evening. Basically I'm more prolific than Dr Dre now so thanks.
  2. Michael Chabon
    Michael Chabon followed me, liked like 4 of my lists and then quit. It's pretty possible that any single crazy thing I've put on here is what pushed him away. I'll take that to my grave.
  3. Talking about The Challenge and Real World with @paigeyp @mandi & @anneclark.
    Finally able to put my encyclopedic knowledge of these shows to good use. I mean @videodrew brought me in to write Real World Skeletons recaps for her. This is all I want to talk about every day all the time forever. Everyone else feel free to join in on our conversations.
  4. Taking pictures of old toys
    I have everything I've ever owned. I like going through this stuff and taking pictures of it. I like seeing pictures of other people's stuff. Tweet me or tag me in pics of your toys, shirts, posters, etc.
  5. Another way to interact with @videodrew
    As if text, phone, gchat, email, regular mail, writing for her website, and checking Barnes and Noble in Union Square weren't enough ways to track Drew down, now I have one more way. Most times I make a list and then text Drew "I made a new list." Drew has said she thinks she is an exhausting person. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be the person that exhausts her.
  6. My Listapp crush on @stamos
    Never thought I'd have an AIM Crush again after BaYBe07 broke up with me via away message in '02. But Annie's lists make me want to tYpE iN UpPeR LoWeR LeTtERs again.
  7. A eulogy
    I wrote a list of things I remembered about my grandma while I was sitting in the hospital with her just before she died this month that became pretty much my entire eulogy for her. That was major.
  8. The NYC meetup
    I like meeting people online and becoming friends with them. @videodrew calls me a fanboy. But if you're willing to meet someone online and date them, why wouldn't you do that to become friends with them, too? This Sunday is going to be awesome.
  9. Your couches
    I'm sleeping on all of your couches when I'm in your city. Know that. I'm a good guest and it's the only way to show true friendship in this morally bankrupt world we live in. Also, I don't own a couch and cannot reciprocate.