I work here
  1. The front of our building has the famous red bar logo out there.
  2. Harry Potter and Clifford welcome you in the lobby.
  3. There are always interesting exhibits when you walk in. This is about the history of animating children's books. The Where the Wild Things Are cels are amazing.
  4. We have a little cafe that's called The Red Bar. They have frozen yogurt and Muscle Milk.
  5. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards group have their own area.
  6. This is the trunk that the first autographed copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was shipped to America in 2005.
  7. Scholastic Magazines everywhere.
  8. The Pensieve has all the most recent versions of Harry Potter.
  9. This month's books on display.
  10. Huge Hunger Games logos.
  11. Trippy central staircase.
  12. My office aka Goosebumps home base.
  13. Aka "The Archive"
    There are five more drawers of this.
  14. What I wish was my office.
  15. Star Wars Jedi Academy on display.
  16. The roof deck where I am currently sitting and reading a manuscript.
    You used to be able to see the Twin Towers from here, now you can see the Freedom Tower.