I work here
  1. The front of our building has the famous red bar logo out there.
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  2. Harry Potter and Clifford welcome you in the lobby.
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  3. There are always interesting exhibits when you walk in. This is about the history of animating children's books. The Where the Wild Things Are cels are amazing.
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  4. We have a little cafe that's called The Red Bar. They have frozen yogurt and Muscle Milk.
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  5. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards group have their own area.
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  6. This is the trunk that the first autographed copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was shipped to America in 2005.
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  7. Scholastic Magazines everywhere.
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  8. The Pensieve has all the most recent versions of Harry Potter.
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  9. This month's books on display.
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  10. Huge Hunger Games logos.
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  11. Trippy central staircase.
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  12. My office aka Goosebumps home base.
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  13. Aka "The Archive"
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    There are five more drawers of this.
  14. What I wish was my office.
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  15. Star Wars Jedi Academy on display.
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  16. The roof deck where I am currently sitting and reading a manuscript.
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    You used to be able to see the Twin Towers from here, now you can see the Freedom Tower.