Cherie, Alan, and Punky are playing hide and seek. Cherie hides in an old refrigerator. Cherie almost dies.
  1. Punky Brewster theme
    The Punky Brewster theme is a masterpiece. It could have realistically been a hit song in the '80s. I've had the hook "Every time I turn around" stuck in my head for 30 years. Plus, visually the credits give you the full backstory. Henry steps over a homeless guy, he must be a curmudgeon. Oh wait, here is this adorable orphan with a confident sense of style who is going to warm his heart right up. And seriously when else has ignoring a bum been so heartwarming?
  2. Gutenberg reference
    Henry's old fridge is so old that Cherie's grandmother makes a joke about the warranty being printed by Gutenberg. When I was a kid I thought she was talking about Steve. Henry was in Police Academy with Steve Gutenberg so I was hoping Punky Brewster what happened after Lassard retired from the Academy and adopted a little girl. Now I know there is another Gutenberg other than Steve. He printed a bible. I learned that from Day After Tomorrow.
  3. CPR
    Mike teaches Punky's class CPR. I learned that CPR is not a game because you can break somebody's ribs while doing it. But I've never forgotten "Look, Listen, and Feel."
  4. Class Clown
    Alan gets kicked out of class for cracking too many awesome jokes like pretending to be the CPR dummy and saying "why don't you kiss me and find out." But then later when Cherie is not breathing, Alan panics and doesn't know what to do. Basically, being class clown will kill your friends.
  5. Cheapo Chester
    Henry buys a new fridge from Cheapo Chester who is played by Frank Bonner aka Herb Tarlek from WKRP in Cincinatti. They run a two man con on Henry where someone pretends to be interested in the fridge he was looking at so Henry buys it on the spot, then the guy turns out to be an employee of Cheapo Chester. Devious but productive.
  6. The Fridge
    Cherie hides in the empty fridge while playing hide and seek because Henry didn't take the door off. You can't breathe in a fridge because it is airtight. Cherie nearly dies until Punky saves her with the CPR she learned. I am only alive bc I watched this episode as I have climbed into every possible item of furniture my parents ever owned. But I'd never go in the fridge after hearing Cherie scream for help when she gets stuck inside.