TJ Lavin is the best host of anything ever. Here is why. @mandi @paigeyp
  1. BMX street cred
    TJ is not just a handsome face. The guy has major professional bike experience. He's won the X-Games and like every other competition ever sponsored by Mountain Dew so you know that they are Xxxxx-tra Xxxxxx-treme. He's prob def a bigger sports badass than most of the contestants on The Challenge.
  2. A Statesman
    TJ's best quality is that he will dole out compliments as well as criticism. When somebody does a really dope job, he's the first to say "you really killed it." Getting TJ to say that is like Dr. Dre telling you that you to record a hip-hop album. You know he means it, he wouldn't just say it. On the flip side, if you don't give a good effort or quit, TJ will batter you with criticism. He asked Jay if he was crying on this season's finale. You need to bring it hard to win him over.
  3. Work ethic
    TJ nearly died in a bike accident and didn't miss any time off from work. He hosted that season of the Challenge even though he was in a medically induced coma right before it. On Derek Kosinski's podcast, he talked about not remembering who most of the cast was and that they had to feed him his lines one by one to shoot his scenes. Not only did he make it through that but he's fully recovered so you could never tell he was hurt. No wonder he won't accept failure from the Real Worlders.
  4. Hard as hell
    TJ isn't a big guy but he's never backed down from anyone on the show. Even that one season, I think The Duel when CT was disqualified because he ripped the rope off the carabiner but didn't unclip it and he lost to Brad and flipped out when TJ told him he lost. CT lost it on the whole cast, while TJ is just leaning against the fence like "I said go for the carabiner bro, it didn't work out for you. Handle it bro." Coolest thing I've ever seen a human being do on TV.
  5. Inventor / Humanitarian
    Outside The Challenge TJ was backing this product called Forgiven which is supposed to be a cure for hangovers. If that is not the most noble pursuit, I don't know what is. The man wants the world to be able to get drunk without consequence. Give him the Nobel Prize now.
  6. Full of joy
    Every time there is an especially hard core event or trivia, you can see how much fun TJ is having. He really likes to torture the contestants which is awesome because they deserve it. He's probably so much fun off-camera on-location. I'm sure after they wrap filming, the first thing everyone wants is to talk to TJ and get his opinion of their performance. Can you imagine anyone trying to get Alex Trebek or Steve Harvey's cosign like that? Never happen.
  7. Wardrobe
    He's like the only guy that can pull off those fancy elaborate t-shirts. And he probably has crates of free Monster Energy Drink and all kinds of other weird bike-guy swag.