this is epically long. feel free to help me make it epically longer!
  1. favorite...
    books, bands, musicians, movies, foods, colors
  2. important people in my life
  3. things i like about myself
  4. places i want to go
  5. places ive been
  6. bands ive seen live
  7. things that make me happy
  8. colors my hair has been
  9. words i like
  10. words i dont like
  11. words i cant pronounce
  12. bucket list
  13. good memories
  14. best decisions ive ever made
  15. firsts
    (kiss, date, job, pet, concert, etc.)
  16. lasts
    (kiss, date, job, pet, concert, etc.)
  17. wishlist
  18. personal necessities
  19. things i collect
  20. questions
  21. fears
  22. hopes
  23. dreams
  24. when i feel at home
  25. what i'd do if i were rich
  26. pet peeves
  27. things health professionals have said to me
  28. things cis people have said to me
  29. things straight people have said to me
  30. things other white people have said to me
  31. moments that changed my life
  32. colors and what i associate with them
  33. smells
  34. dream home
  35. jobs that would be awesome to have
  36. worries
  37. recent google searches
  38. good sensory stim-things
  39. things that are sensory hell
  40. other ways to "i love you"
  41. things that make me feel healthy
  42. personality traits i want to have
  43. things i hope people associate with me
  44. goals
  45. useful websites
  46. my favorite apps
  47. book ideas
  48. my original characters
  49. poem ideas
  50. my favorite lines of poetry ive written
  51. my bad habits
  52. my good habits
  53. significant things happening in the news
  54. my ideal partner
  55. places i never want to live
  56. mistakes ive made
  57. my favorite tweets
  58. media i want to consume
    books i want to read, movies i want to watch, etc.
  59. pieces of overheard conversation
  60. people ive seen and wish i'd interacted with
  61. names i love
  62. names i hate
  63. good come-backs / one-liners / etc.
  64. all the versions of me i know of