1. walking down the road by myself?
    (without a phone with 911 on speed dial, without holding keys between my fingers like brass knuckles, without being ready to run?)
  2. being alone in the same space as men?
    (older men, younger men, men my age, men who don't even give me a second glance, men who won't stop staring?)
  3. coming out as queer?
    i'm pansexual and panicking.
  4. coming out as trans?
    i'm a boy and i'm terrified.
  5. speaking out against homophobia and transphobia?
    the offenders act more attacked than i feel.
  6. talking to other white people about racism?
    i don't want to put myself in places i don't belong but i do want to be a better ally.
  7. talking about my mental illness?
    i have OCD, depression, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and some other undiagnosed stuff.
  8. being visibly mentally ill?
    my coping methods get more difficult every day.
  9. being single?
    i can't stand being alone, i feel unwanted and lost. i think i hate being so dependent.
  10. wearing skirts?
    a boy put his hand too high up on my thigh, once, and i'll never forget it.
  11. trusting potential romantic partners?
    my first partner was emotionally abusive. i have symptoms that mimic PTSD and it's so scary.