I have worked at Dunkin for quite some time and so here are some things everyone should know to make your local Dunkin employees less frustrated when you're at counter
  1. We do not have flavored creamer !
    ! so many people ask for this and it is not a thing !!!!! we only have flavored syrups
  2. We do not brew flavored coffee !
    just like the creamer ! we brew regular coffee and add flavored syrups to them, we don't brew flavored coffee
  3. Unless you come first thing in the morning, our donuts probably aren't "fresh"
    we get fresh donuts once and !sometimes! twice a day. do not come in at 9pm expecting to get a fresh donut and then get angry when your donut is hard
  4. sandwiches are categorized by the meat, not the bread
    so when ordering, it's easier if you say bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel, instead of an everything bagel with bacon egg and cheese. (this seems dumb but it would save a lot of time and confusion)
  5. don't ask for the freshest pot !
    honestly all the pots were most likely made within 4 minutes of each other and it's v annoying when people ask for the freshest pot as if I am trying to give them a bad coffee experience
  6. don't eat our eggs
    lol they're seriously gross