I'm making this list in the hopes that someone else will make a similar list/add new shows to this list bc I ran out of shows to watch and need new ideas ! (pls)
  1. The Office
    hands down the funniest and best show on this planet. I've watched it straight through over 5 times and I believe everyone else should do the same. (9 seasons)
  2. Master of None
    Honestly this show is amazing in every way. It is real but hilarious at the same time and I'm obsessed with it. (1 season)
  3. Orange is the New Black
    Catch up before the new season drops next week !!! (3 seasons; season 4 out soon tho!)
  4. Making a Murderer
    not only is this show crazy and interesting, everyone is talking about it, so get in the loop before it's too late ! (1 season)
  5. How To Get Away with Murder
    this show is so crazy !!! honestly can't even put into words how haywire this show is. (2 seasons)
  6. Arrested Development
    Another hilarious sitcom you'd be crazy to pass up !! (3 (good) original seasons, 1 (bad) Netflix season)
  7. Parks and Recreation
    ! who hasn't watched this yet ?! it's hilarious and never disappoints ! (7 seasons)
  8. The Secret Life of the American Teenager
    This show is a guilty pleasure of mine and it's great. (5 seasons)