I have an obsession with purses and it needs to stop so I'm making this list as an attempt to control myself
  1. your wallet
    essential, obviously. and in your wallet should be money, ids, and cards and that's all
  2. phone charger and headphones
  3. ONE Chapstick
    do not buy multiple lip balms that you think you will use all the time because you will really only use one and the other 10 will be at the bottom of your purse believe me I know
  4. period supplies
    Tylenol, Advil, tampons, pads, etc.
  5. hand sanitizer
  6. that is it!!!!!! do not put any other thing in there ever or else your purse will become a bottomless pit of shit you don't know what else to do with!
    currently in my purse that I don't know why it's there and I need to take out: selfie stick, qtip container, at least 4 chapsticks, glasses case, lotion, body spray, and deodorant. I need to clean out my purse, this is more of a personal intervention for myself and a warning to everyone else rather than a list