It wasn't until I started writing this list until I realized how terrible I am
  1. The time I screamed "hey Christina!" Across the campus green and Christina didn't hear me but my crush from phil101 saw me get blatantly ignored.
  2. The time I wore a white dress all day to work then drinks and not until I got home I realized that you could see my nipples.
    Wasn't super embarrassing because I was alone when I got embarrassed
  3. This one time every customer checking out heard me say "gag me if she calls her boyfriend daddy" as customer in question came up behind me with her boyfriend who then confirmed that his contact in her phone was Daddy 💕🙊✨
    I work at Victoria's Secret so the following thoughts I'll keep hidden
  4. The time I peed in my elevator because I couldn't make it to the bathroom.
    Cleaning it up was more embarrassing than doing it
  5. When my 6th grade crush asked if I liked him I said yes to which he responded why? Oh so flirty I said idk, hugged him and walked away
    He had bad acne and I watched him squirt mayonnaise into his mouth earlier that day