1. I am addicted to Kellogs Fruity Snacks (of the strawberry variety)
  2. I tell people I'm an insomniac because I can't sleep past 8am anymore
  3. I'm so good at Facebook and Twitter stalking that I'm actually scared of myself
  4. I don't know how to cook and I try to make people think it's an adorable quirk, like when a celebrity on a talk show admits she doesn't know how to drive
  5. I still don't know if I'm supposed to call myself Hispanic or Latina or what
  6. I feel legitimately proud of myself when I hold a baby without accidentally dropping it
  7. I have really strong opinions about the unfair stigmatization of tramp stamps
  8. I didn't learn that postal codes and zipcodes were the same thing until I was a high schooler in Hot Topic trying to fill out a membership card
  9. The first thing I bought on iTunes was the Fergie music video of "Big Girls Don't Cry"
  10. I saw Julia Louis-Dreyfus once in Santa Monica and my mom told me to "be cool" about it