Great request @jazzrbca ... As you know, tv is always one of my top priorities, even when it shouldn't be.
  1. How to Get Away with Murder
    Yesterday I abruptly left a panel event so that I could get back to my dorm in time to watch HTGAWM on abc.go. I am crazy invested. I love Connor and Oliver as well as Viola Davis's whole deal.
  2. The Mindy Project
    I feel particularly protective of this show. It's the one show whose fan base I'm pretty plugged into, which means I am usually very informed about what's going on behind the scenes. I follow Mindy Kaling AND some of her writers on basically every social network platform I can get my hands on. Obsession is cute, right?
  3. Gilmore Girls
    My absolute favorite show. I think I've rewatched it more than any other? The dialogue goes so fast and has so many references that every time I go back to the show I catch a new joke that I never caught before. Stars Hollow is cozy, the characters are delightful, Rory's storylines are relatable, and Jess Mariano is straight up dreamy. LUKE AND LORELAI FOREVER
  4. New Girl
    I feel alone in this world when I tell people I like New Girl. There are some people who only cared about Nick/Jess, so they became disappointed after awhile. I like that pairing, too, but I value the show because of its unique comedy. I love the way the actors deliver their lines and I love that am I basically the younger, hispanic girl version of Nick Miller sometimes. But give Hannah Simone better storylines! Have you seen her Instagram? She's rad.
  5. The Office (U.S.)
    Another show I have watched a million times. I saw this one magazine that ranked the 100 best tv shows, and The Office didn't make the list and I basically threw a tantrum in the bookstore. The Office is so insanely quotable and I am very fond of the first 7 seasons. "I'm like Benjamin Button in reverse."
  6. Parks and Recreation
    Basically my favorite show in high school. Such a great ensemble. Lil Sebastian is a cultural icon and Treat Yo Self is an international holiday. Adam Scott and I share the same hometown, which means I own him.
  7. Mad Men
    Pure art, honestly. Some of the most captivating tv writing I have ever heard. Definitely the most ~serious tv I'vd watched in awhile. I used to say that I could deal with Don Draper dying as long as Peggy could be happy.
  8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    I am who I am today because I watched the musical episode ("Once More with Feeling") about a thousand times AS A CHILD. Spike is the best and all counter-opinions will not be acknowledged or heard. I can't rewatch this show anymore because it's completely embedded in my brain.
  9. Veep
    No one cusses better than Julia Louis-Dreyfus. This show gets me so pumped and also makes me go "Oh no oh no oh no" as I watch Selina's team continually fuck up. "Siri, why does God allow suffering?"
  10. Dawson's Creek - but not really
    I was obsessed with this show for like 3 weeks. Yes, it's dumb. Yes, Dawson is so annoying it makes me scream. BUT - Pacey Witter is amazing. Probably my favorite TV boyfriend OF ALL TIME. It should have been Pacey's Creek, and everyone knows it.