1. 😞
    It's adorable. I need this emoji to pout in an endearing way. If something moderately unpleasant happened to me (like, I ran out of ice cream or someone looked at me a lil funny), I whip this one out so the person texting me feels some sympathy
  2. 🤖
    I WAS WAITING FOR A ROBOT EMOJI SINCE FOREVER. FOR YEARS. Why did I need a robot symbol? Because sometimes I like to randomly text my boyfriend "beep boop" pretending I'm a cute robot. This makes that so much easier.
  3. 😐
    I've started overusing this one recently. Basically, whenever someone makes me upset but I don't know what to say but I also NEED THAT PERSON TO KNOW IM UPSET....then I put a 😐. Gets the job done.
  4. 🔪
    For when I'm feeling dramatic.
  5. 💕
    I use this constantly -- whenever I feel the need to express affection, whether sincerely or ironically. Most often used to flirt with my friends.
  6. 🎶
    Very handy. I'm that pretentious gal who loves to quote lyrics in my captions, and this emoji helps people understand that they need to sing the quote in their head.
  7. 😈
    I'm evil and adorable and I need to express that, okay?
  8. 😍
    I use this exclusively for commenting on my friends' food instagrams.
  9. 💅🏽
    "Hm? Do I look like care? Because I don't."
  10. 🏆
    Because I'm a winner. Always.