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My wonderful mother has come to spend 2 weeks with me in Scotland. I love her so much but she says the darnedest things.
  1. "Did they short sheet us?!?!"
    Getting into bed the first night at the hotel. Freaking out because the sheets were tucked in on either sides. SPOILER: they did not short sheet us.
  2. "Are we going to that Cali-did tonight?"
    She was talking about a ceilidh. Pronounced kay-lee.
  3. "Are those knuckles? Brass knuckles!?"
    SPOILER: not brass knuckles
The theme behind this list is "I'll get around to it eventually". Perhaps a more interesting list would be Netflix shows I've started and will most likely never finish.
  1. Arrow
    Stephen Amell is 🔥
  2. 30 Rock
    I love Tina Fey and have watched the occasional episode while stoned, but have never sat down and committed to it. Maybe someday.
  3. Orphan Black
    This is the one show on my List that I know once I start watching I won't get up until I'm finished with it.
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These aren't shows on Netflix, but they should be. It's just what I came up with in an hour of brainstorming so I'd love some suggestions as well!
  1. John Stamos: The John Stamos Story
    A documentary written, produced, directed by, and staring John Stamos.
  2. Asparagus Farms
    An animated comedy about asparagus living in a small farm town who are self-conscious about the smell of their pee. (Elf, anyone?)
  3. Capitol
    A show about how all the people living in capitol cities around the world are actually evil robots.
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  1. Currently: in a bar in Dublin all alone
  2. When I'm waiting for a flight
  3. When I begin mind rants and think they deserve to be written down
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I'm a native Texan and have been studying abroad for the past three months in Scotland. These are my interesting and often infuriating observations.
    Seriously, it's 2AM on a Saturday, I'm leaving the club, and there's only one place to get food from. I can't wait to return to the land of Whataburger, Taco C, Laynes, and Waffle House.
  2. Closing at 12?
    Lots of bars around here close around 12 meaning if you want to keep drinking you have to go to one of the clubs. I'm not always in a clubbing mood.
  3. Where's the beef?
    Just about the only meat worth spending your money on at Tesco is the salmon and even that is hella expensive. Is it to much to ask for a piece of meat with all the hormones pumped in?
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I've watched a lot. Here's what you should be watching
  1. The Office
    Aren't you tired of your friends making references and you not understanding? Watch it and revel in what it quite possibly the most amazing comedy ever created
  2. BoJack Horseman
    Quite honestly changed my life. (P.S. I'm totally a Zoe)
  3. Breaking Bad
    I'm watching through this one for the first time as we speak.
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